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Landlord/Tenant Law (Commercial & Residential)

We bring our philosophy to our eviction practice. We are not an unlawful mill. Whether your case is a “simple” residential eviction or a complex commercial unlawful detainer, your file receives individualized attention from our professional staff. We carefully pre-screen your file for possible errors in the preparation and service of your 3-Day Notice which might lead to a costly denial of judgment; quickly and efficiently process your eviction through the courts with minimal delay; and keep you fully informed of the status of your case throughout the process.


Preparation, Filing and Service of Complaint
Includes review of client documents to assure proper service of notice. Preparation, filing and service of the complaint and related follow-up.

Default Prove-Up
Includes obtaining entry of default and default judgment by either oral prove-up or written declaration; issuance and service of writ of possession; issuance and recordation of abstract of judgment.

Includes court appearance for trial; obtaining entry of judgment; issuance and service of writ of possession; issuance and recordation of abstract of judgment.

Claim of Right to Possession Hearing
Includes preparing for and appearing in court for hearing and filing of written request for sanctions with supporting points and authorities, where appropriate.

Application and Order to Allow Service of Summons by Posting and Mailing
Available in circumstances where the tenant avoids service. Includes preparing ex-parte application, order and supporting documentation.

Preparation and Service of Notice to Tenant
3-Day Notice, 30-Day Notice, Notice of Belief of Abandonment, and similar notices.

Motion for Relief From Automatic Stay (Bankruptcy)
Includes preparation, filing and service of Motion for Relief from Automatic Stay, supporting declarations and points and authorities; preparation and filing of ex-parte application for order shortening time and supporting declaration.

Court Appearance in Bankruptcy Court on Motion for Relief From Automatic Stay
Includes court appearance at hearing on motion for relief from stay; obtaining entry of order for relief from stay; processing re-posting of writ of possession and lock-out.

Extraordinary Services
Other services not within the scope of the above such as making or opposing motions, responding to discovery propounded by the tenant, appearances to oppose applications for stay of execution, settlement negotiations with tenant (other than at time of trial), etc.

The above fees do not include costs of suit (court filing fees, service of process costs, marshal’s fees, etc.).

Appearance fees are for appearances in Orange County. Appearances in courts in other counties are subject to additional charges.

Because commercial evictions and lease disputes are generally more complex, these matters are handled on an hourly fee basis at the firm’s prevailing rates for the attorneys handling the matter.