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Business & Corporate Law

The principal at Hagan & Associates comes with a graduate level executive MBA, years of experience in business and banking and an overall understanding of the small and mid-size business. Hagan & Associates has been able to work effectively within a wide variety of business structures thereby providing experience which carries over from one type of business to another.

Hagan & Associates represents many start-up, small and mid-size businesses in all aspects of their business development, growth and strategies and can provide all of the following services:

Documenting Business Activities.

The cornerstone of most business entities is protection of the owners from personal liability. Selection of the proper type of business entity is the first and foremost decision any business owner can make. Hagan & Associates can assist with that decision. In addition, the maintenance of the proper corporate records and formalities regarding meetings, elections of directors and officers, if necessary, and preparation of resolutions documenting the decision making process are important to insure that the structure and the protection that it provides are maintained. We are available to assist your company in complying with such formalities and can prepare the documentation necessary to demonstrate compliance. We can also assist with transfers of ownership interests, joint ventures, mergers, the purchase or sale of a business or its assets, and the wind up and dissolution of business entities.


We believe the proactive counseling of employers is essential to minimize their liability. Accordingly, we advise companies on compliance with state and federal labor laws and other employment matters including the creation of sound practices and procedures, preparation of employment contracts and handbooks, terminations, and protecting proprietary information. In addition, we handle all trial issues necessary in order to protect the employer should action be filed against them.

Independent Contractors.

The use of independent contractors has become an increasingly popular and controversial practice. Although frequently beneficial to both parties, the improper classification of workers as independent contractors can have devastating consequences. We can help structure independent contractor relationships that provide the most protection for your business.

Formation of Business Entities.

We provide counseling on the pros and cons of various business entities so the owner(s) can make an informed choice. Then, we prepare and file the necessary documents to form the new entity, prepare governing documents (such as bylaws or operating agreements), issue securities (such as share certificates), and prepare minutes of the entity’s first organizational meeting, if necessary. If the business will have multiple owners, we can advise on and draft preformation agreements and buy-sell agreements.

Licenses, Permits and Registrations.

We advise and assist with identifying and obtaining licenses, permits, and registrations from local, state, and federal agencies.

Regulatory Compliance.

We assist in identifying laws regulating your industry and in implementing plans for compliance.

Intellectual Property.

We advise and assist businesses with the registration of trademarks and copyrights and prepare agreements licensing the use of your company’s intellectual property or licensing your company to use the intellectual property of others.

Business Contracts.

We are experienced at preparing agreements for most business situations.


Whether related to the purchase or sale of real estate or equipment, to raise capital for the expansion of operations, or for the purchase or sale of a business, we can assist in structuring and documenting secured and unsecured debt finance transactions.

Real Estate.

Whether a landlord, tenant, buyer, or seller of real estate, we can assist in structuring your company’s real property related transactions.

Collections and Dispute Resolution.

Our goal is to successfully handle collection matters and resolve disputes without resort to litigation. However, should litigation be necessary, Hagan & Associates will provide the most effective service possible. To that end, Hagan & Associates has collected more than one hundred million dollars for the benefit of their clients.